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Commissioners, Executives and Approvers

Information for those in management and trustee roles.


Executive Committees and Commissioners will have the responsibility to ensure that face-to-face activities return safely and within a rapidly changing national framework. They will need to make sure Leaders are supported to complete robust risk assessments and that procedures are in place to ensure that approvals and reviews are recorded.

If anyone involved in this process is uncomfortable with their role in developing, checking, or approving a risk assessment, they must seek advice and support. This could come from the County Safety Adviser, or someone with a professional background in risk assessment or health and safety. 

Framework - Legal and Insurance

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Nights Away Approval Process

We are changing the COVID-safe approval process for nights away. Camps or Residentials taking place whilst areas are in Yellow must have covid hazards and controls included within the event risk assessment which is submitted along with the Nights Away Notification Form. This will be checked by someone within the District and like any overnight event requires DC approval but does not need to go through the restart risk assessment smartsheet process. Those organising camps or residentials MUST show how they comply with current government guidance on numbers, social distancing and safe use of accommodation and sleeping areas.