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User tester

Overview of the role

We are looking for user testers to work with the Digital Transformation team. They will join our pool of volunteer testers and undertake user and usability testing, mainly online (via Skype or similar), to improve on the current user experience on our new webplatform and to test out new features and products with users in an objective and product led way.

Why are we looking for volunteer user testers?

We have an ambitious digital programme, and to achieve our vision of a user-centric digital experience we want to work with our volunteers. We are specifically looking for individuals who have had recent or current experience in either UX/UI design, User Experience research or Product Design/Management. We are really excited to be able to work with volunteers who have experience in this space to be able to contribute to our new digital landscape in a really tangible way.

How to apply

We're looking for a number of testers, so this vacancy will be open until all the roles are filled. Successful applicants will be invited to a Skype interview at a mutually convenient date/time.   

Apply Now

Closing date:
Mon, January 1, 1, 12:00 AM