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Volunteering at Scouts is changing to help us reach more young people

Volunteering is changing to help us reach more young people

Volunteering is changing at Scouts. Read more

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Independent Member Safeguarding Committee

The Role 

The Safeguarding Committee has strategic leadership and oversight of our safeguarding policies and procedures, making sure that they’re fit for purpose and lead the sector in protecting young people in Scouts. 

The Committee makes recommendations on Safeguarding policies, procedures and practices, to the Strategy and Delivery Committee and/or the Board of Trustees. 

The role of an Independent Member is to provide the Safeguarding Committee with advice, guidance and scrutiny to assist the Committee in making key decisions.

Main Responsibilities

Along with other members of the Committee, you’ll:

  • Identify and contribute to the development of safeguarding policies for consideration and endorsement by the Board of Trustees (as required)
  • Make sure that youth members, adult volunteers and parents are engaged in contributing to the development of safeguarding policies 
  • Develop and oversee a performance framework to make sure that safeguarding policies, procedures and practice is monitored to provide assurance to the Board of Trustees
  • Monitor the local and national implementation of safeguarding policies and procedures to make sure practice is effective and consistently applied
  • Make sure that appropriate connections are made with other areas of the our work that may have an impact on safeguarding (e.g. Adult Training)
  • Lead the process for safeguarding enquiries from commissioning through to completion
  • Review and oversee actions from enquiry reports, in conjunction with the HQ Safeguarding Team, particularly where there is specific policy, procedure and/or practice changes that need to be considered by the Strategy and Delivery Committee and/or Board of Trustees (as required)
  • Make sure that the exclusions and appeals processes are followed and that the process is developed as appropriate with management information being reported to the Strategy and Delivery Committee and/or Board of Trustees (as required); and 
  • Identify possible areas of development for the our safeguarding function, taking into account relevant national agendas, and learning from reviews whether this be external or internal to the Scouts

Skills and experience sought 

We’re seeking a candidate with senior executive level safeguarding experience to join the Scouts Safeguarding Committee. We’re particularly interested in applications from candidates with a Legal and/or strategic background. 

The Person 

Candidates should have:

  • Significant experience in safeguarding or related field, demonstrating comprehensive knowledge of safeguarding prevention, awareness, reporting, response
  • Proven track record of implementing safeguarding measures, techniques and strategies
  • Ability to operate at a senior executive level and transition seamlessly between strategic safeguarding risk management and day-to-day operational safeguarding response.
  • Excellent communicator, facilitator and leader, able to clearly and confidently articulate and communicate on and deliver the organisation’s safeguarding strategy
  • Strong negotiating skills to engage and influence all levels of staff
  • Strong analytical skills to assess and act on trends
  • Have experience of contributing to, supporting and or/leading safeguarding policy formulation and culture setting across a large organisation or movement
  • Have a breadth of vision and a grasp of governance issues alongside an eye for detail
  • Have unquestioned integrity, effective communications skills, and experience of high-level discussion
  • Have an understanding and commitment to the Scouts evolving strategic plan and vision
  • Be able to digest and act upon substantial amounts of written material, and have the ability to consider and constructively challenge the performance, strategy, and objectives of the Scouts
  • Have experience of working at, or volunteering with, a charitable organisation

For this role, the appointed candidate should expect to spend the equivalent of a day per quarter on the Scouts work after the induction phase. This is based on the time needed to prepare and attend the scheduled Safeguarding Committee meetings (4 in each year, with 3 held online and 1 face to face). 

Appointments are typically for an initial three-year term, with the possibility of a further term of three years subject to a satisfactory appraisal.

In common with other registered charities, there is no expenses directly associated with membership of the Committee, although we will reimburse fully for all reasonable and properly documented expenses incurred in performing duties.

Appointment process 

To register you interest, please submit a short covering letter explaining why this appointment interests you and what you specifically would bring to the role, together with your curriculum vitae (CV) with education and professional qualifications, full employment history, and details of any non-executive experience. 

Please also include your preferred contact details, which will be used with discretion. The CV should include names and contact details of two referees. Referees will not be approached until the final stages and not without prior permission from candidates. 

Please send both your covering letter and CV to by Thursday 7 March

Queries and further information 

If you have any questions regarding the role, please contact:

Lisa McDonald, Governance Manager 

Closing date:
Thu, March 7, 2024, 5:00 PM

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