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UK International Rep Pool

We are looking to recruit 18-25 year olds to represent us at various events and bring this learning back to the UK. Are you up for the challenge?

Overview of the role

The UK Rep Pool is a collection of 18 -25 year olds from around the UK who are trained to represent the UK Scout Association at events in the UK and abroad.

These events vary from the conferences, seminars and workshops mentioned on the website and may be for a day or more. The UK Rep Pool then ensure that the learning and inspiration from these events is brought back to the relevant teams of volunteers at UK level as well as sections they may be involved in locally.

COVID -19 - At present, only digital events will be attended by the UK Rep Pool until such a time international travel is permitted by The UK Scout Association.

Person specification

As a Rep Pool Member, you will be expected to attend a training day once a year and keep up to date with the Rep Pool on various calls to understand what is currently going on in World Scouting, feedback from any events you have attended to the rest of the group and learn from any lessons learnt from other members who have attended events. Typically, members can also be asked to help feed into other pieces of work being done by other working groups within the UK.

In the words of the current team…

How to apply

As part of the recruitment process, we are seeking to recruit individuals with interest and/or experience in international, whether that be through Scouting or personal travel. This allows the team to have a breadth of experience, to match the range of events we attend. In addition, it allows individuals with less experience to develop, and those with more experience to be pushed whilst also supporting developing individuals.

The UK Rep Pool operates a transparent recruitment process formed of a short online survey. Please see survey or recruitment pack for questions.

If writing is not your thing and you would prefer to submit in a different format, please contact Zach Cater for details on how to do so.

Key dates

The closing date for applications is 23:59 Monday 22 March.

An online training day will be held on Saturday 1st May for the successful applicants. Attendance is requested where possible, but we appreciate some schedules may not permit this.

Further Information

Any questions or queries? Please get in touch with Zach Cater, UK Rep Pool Lead,


Closing date:
Mon, March 22, 2021, 11:59 PM

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