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The Great Indoors

Ideas and activities to inspire young minds at home

The Great Indoors

While we normally love the great outdoors, we’ve pulled together some inspired indoor activity ideas (if we do say so ourselves) to keep kids entertained while schools are closed due to coronavirus. Keep your kids learning new skills and having fun (and avoid hearing ‘I’m bored’ every 30 seconds) all in #TheGreatIndoors.

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Make a model bunker

Strengthen your squad’s position and protect your supplies with a carefully constructed bunker.

Suitable for: 10-18s | Takes: 25 mins

Make a model bunker >
Two sides to every story

Create a dramatic news item and use your critical thinking skills to suss out the story.

Suitable for: 10-18s | Takes: 1hr

Two sides to every story >
How to talk with your children about racism

Some ways to have conversations about race.

Suitable for: everyone

How to talk with your children about racism >
How to be grateful

Especially when things are difficult, it’s easy to miss the things we could be grateful for.

Suitable for: everyone

How to be grateful >
Dye another day

It’s time to roll the dyes as we experiment with some tie-riffic natural colours and fabrics.

Suitable for: 10-18s | Takes: 1h30

Dye another day >
What floats your boat?

Take to the high seas as we look at how we make boats buoyant.

Suitable for: 10-14s | Takes: 45 mins

What floats your boat? >
I spy something that flies

Work as a team to identify the aircraft from their pictures. Can you get all 50?

Suitable for: 10-18s | Takes: 45 mins

I spy something that flies >
Why play’s good for grown ups too

We all naturally know how to play but as adults, we forget. Rediscover how to play with this blog.

Suitable for: everyone

Why play’s good for grown ups too >
Make a website

Create a website to showcase your group with both HTML and CSS code.

Suitable for: 10-18s | Takes: 1hr

Make a website >
Squeaky clean

Make a couple of objects sparkle with this squeaky cleaning challenge.

Suitable for: 8-10s | Takes: 30 mins

Squeaky clean >
Find the words

Learn about keeping safe in your local community with a letter treasure hunt you can do indoors. 

Suitable for: 8-14s | Takes: 20 mins

Find the words >
Tips for coping with anxiety attacks

We hope that some of these top tips help you find some space and calm.

Suitable for: everyone

Tips for coping with anxiety attacks >
Digital leaf identifier

Use a simple computer programme to create something that’ll help identify different leaves.

Suitable for: 8-14s | Takes: 45 mins

Digital leaf identifier >
Best concert ever

Learn about different types of music before designing posters for the best concert ever.

Suitable for: 6-10s | Takes: 45 mins

Best concert ever >
Kindness rocks

Show how a kind message can make all the difference when helping someone.

Suitable for: 6-14s | Takes: 50 mins

Kindness rocks >

These activities were originally designed for groups meeting face-to-face, so you may have to think on your feet to make them work in the (very unique) situation we’re in. We’ve put together some suggestions for how you could make them work, whoever and wherever you are.

Adapting activities to work online and at home

More activities to do at home

There are over 300 more activities for you to do with your little ones over the coming weeks. Check them out here.

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