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The Great Indoors

Ideas and activities to inspire young minds at home

The Great Indoors

While we normally love the great outdoors, we’ve pulled together some inspired indoor activity ideas (if we do say so ourselves) to keep kids entertained while schools are closed due to coronavirus. Keep your kids learning new skills and having fun (and avoid hearing ‘I’m bored’ every 30 seconds) all in #TheGreatIndoors.

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The Great Indoors Weekender

The UK’s biggest digital summer camp
11-12 July

From graduations to trips with friends, young people have missed out on all kinds of things this year. We think they deserve something really special – something for Scouts and non-Scouts, all around the globe – so we’re holding (cue big, boomy voice) The Great Indoors Weekender!

Join the UK’s biggest digital summer camp from your living room (or garden, anywhere at home – it’s up to you)

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Cookies with character

Decorate your own happy cookie characters and create some tasty treats.

Suitable for: 6-10s | Takes: 20 mins

Cookies with character >
Kindness rocks

Show how a kind message can make all the difference and write one for a friend in need.

Suitable for: 6-14s | Takes: 50 mins

Kindness rocks >
How to have a UFO camp at home

Get everyone spending time together and learning new skills.

Suitable for: everyone

How to have a UFO camp at home >
A better understanding of dyslexia

Here’s some information about dyslexia to help you develop your understanding.

Suitable for: everyone

A better understanding of dyslexia >
Be a blackout poet

Set your inner poet free with this alternative style of poetry.

Suitable for: 10-14s | Takes: 30 mins

Be a blackout poet >
Great to be grateful

Create a card to thank someone for being a great friend.

Suitable for: 6-10s | Takes: 30 mins

Great to be grateful >
Releasing your creativity

Here’s why you should pick up a pencil even if you’re not sure what you’ll produce.

Suitable for: everyone

Releasing your creativity >
Spin the rainbow

Make a white light spinner and watch what happens when the colours spin.

Suitable for: 6-8s | Takes: 20 mins

Spin the rainbow >
Collectors' confab

Take part in this question and answer session and discuss the things in your collection.

Suitable for: 8-10s | Takes: 30 mins

Collectors’ confab >
Pet care licence

Get all the questions right, and you’ll get your pet care licence.

Suitable for: 6-10s | Takes: 1hr

Pet care licence >
Which wood would be good?

Make sure that five customers get the right type of wood for their DIY project.

Suitable for: 8-10s | Takes: 15 mins

Which wood would be good? >
How to help your children develop empathy

One of the most important life skills.

Suitable for: everyone

How to help your children develop empathy >
Chase the ace

Practise your phonetic alphabet and test your manoeuvres as you try to be the best pilot.

Suitable for: 6-10s | Takes: 20 mins

Chase the ace >
Seeing stars

Make your own planisphere to spot the constellations in the night sky.

Suitable for: 6-10s | Takes: 35 mins

Seeing stars >
Tales of flight

Find and share fantastical tales of emergency scenarios in aircraft.

Suitable for: 10-18s | Takes: 30 mins

Tales of flight >
Track your food footprint

Learn some simple ways to save food from ending up in the rubbish bin.

Suitable for: 8-14s | Takes: 25 mins

Track your food footprint >
Graphics for games

Choose a theme, then design the sprites and background for a computer game.

Suitable for: 10-18s | Takes: 45 mins

Graphics for games >

These activities were originally designed for groups meeting face-to-face, so you may have to think on your feet to make them work in the (very unique) situation we’re in. We’ve put together some suggestions for how you could make them work, whoever and wherever you are.

Adapting activities to work online and at home

More activities to do at home

There are over 300 more activities for you to do with your little ones over the coming weeks. Check them out here.

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