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Royal Marines

Royal Marines are our new partner supporting the Snowsports Staged Activity Badge.

Badge and resources

We are proud to announce that the Royal Marines are our new supporters of the Snowsports Staged Activity Badge.

Find great activities to help you achieve your badges Snowsports Staged Activity Badge.

About Royal Marines

The Royal Marines are the UK’s Commando Force and the Royal Navy’s own amphibious troops. They’re an elite force, optimised for worldwide rapid response and are able to deal with a wide spectrum of risks and security challenges.

Fully integrated with the Royal Navy’s amphibious ships, they can be deployed globally without host nation support and projected from the sea to conduct operations on land.

A key component of the Royal Navy’s maritime security function, they provide a unique capability and are experts in ship-to-ship operations. Find out more about the Royal Marines here.

More Activities

We have created some amazing additional resources with the Royal Marines which feature in our Partnerships Magazine, Make Do Share. You can download these activities below.