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Penny Appeal

Helping us to attracting young Muslims to join Scouts

Scouts is open to all. But research shows that we don’t always reflect the diversity of our local communities, and don’t always reach the young people who would benefit from joining.

As part of our commitment to reach out to communities who are underrepresented within Scouts, the Penny Appeal generously support our work so that more young people from Muslim communities are able to join. A key strategic partner, they also enable our Muslim Scout Fellowship events to thrive.

About Penny Appeal

The Penny Appeal provides poverty relief across Asia, the Middle East and Africa by offering water solutions, distributing emergency food and medical supplies and supporting vulnerable young people. Transforming lives and empowering communities around the world, they work to break the poverty cycle and build brighter futures.

Interested in supporting the Scouts?

Contact the Trusts team to learn more about our partnerships with trusts and foundations, and to explore how your trust could support our work. We'd be delighted to hear from you.