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Scouts and Niantic have partnered to create fantastic activities to help Scouts explore their local area with the Scouts Local Knowledge Activity Badge

Exploring local areas is in the Scouts' DNA. Whether it's a hike, a trip or an activity, getting to know the area around the meeting place and beyond comes natural. However there are many landmarks or interesting places in the local area that can easily go unnoticed, especially when hidden in plain sight. This is why The Scouts have partnered with Niantic on the Scouts Local Knowledge Activity Badge to create some brand new activities to uncover lots of interesting facts about our local areas.

Whether working on map reading skills, creating new maps, taking photos or going on hikes, the new activities with Niantic will give Scouts a way to engage with their local area and earn their Local Knowledge Activity Badge.


Gotta catch 'em all

Improve your local knowledge and map reading skills while hunting for Pokémon.

Ages: 8 to 18 | Takes: 115 minutes​​​

Incident hike

Add a twist to a planned hike with surprise games and encounters along the way.

Ages: 8 to 18 | Takes: 120 minutes​​​

Photo Mapping

Explore your local area and create a map to show what is important to you and your local community.

Ages: 10½ to 18 | Takes: 120 minutes​​​

PokéStop here!

Learn more about your local area and teach others by planning and running a tour. 

Ages: 10½ to 18 | Takes: 60 minutes​​​

About Niantic

Niantic is the world’s leading AR technology company, sparking creative and engaging journeys in the real world. Their products inspire outdoor exploration, exercise, and meaningful social interaction.

Originally formed at Google in 2011, they became an independent company in 2015 with a strong group of investors including Nintendo, The Pokémon Company, and Alsop Louie Partners. Their current titles include pioneering global-control game Ingress, record-breaking AR game Pokémon GO, Harry Potter: Wizards Unite, and Pikmin Bloom. They also published the Lightship Platform, enabling developers around the world to create their own AR experiences.

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