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Gruffalo Explorers

Macmillan Children's Books and Gruffalo Explorers support the Beavers My Outdoors Challenge Activity Badge.

The Great Indoors Weekender bedtime story

Kidnap on the California Comet, by M.G. Leonard & Sam Sedgman. Read by Sam Sedgman.


The transcript of chapter one can be downloaded by clicking on the button below.

Kidnap On California Comet Transcript Chapter One (1)
PDF – 936.9KB

Our friends at Macmillan have given us up to 1,000 free audio downloads of The Highland Falcon Thief by M.G.Leonard and Sam Sedgeman, their hugely successful book in the Adventures on Trains series. Watch Sam read the first chapter of the next instalment, ‘Kidnap on the California Comet’, as part of the TGI Weekender, then get your free download using the instructions below – hurry, as they‘re limited!


The promo code is: GIWTRAINS20 

1. Visit

2. Input your promo code, hit apply

3. Continue creating your free account

4. Download the app

5. Login with your new account information

6. Visit My Books to start listening to your new free title

7. Existing customers can visit the My Account page on the website and scroll down to the spot that asks ‘Have a promo code?’ The book will then be added to your account.

 The offer runs from Saturday 11 July at 12 noon BST – Sunday 12 July 12 noon BST.

Gruffalo Explorers

To celebrate The Gruffalo Explorers books, fun fact-filled nature spotter guides, The Gruffalo is partnering with the Beavers My Outdoors Challenge Award to bring clever ideas and new activities to this challenge. Together we will help Beavers earn a badge that is all about nature and the beautiful great outdoors!

Badge and resources

As our partner for the Beavers My Outdoors Challenge Award, with Gruffalo Explorers everyone between 6-8 years old can now learn more about the beauty of the great outdoors! You can download the activity packs below, or use our amazing new Programme Planning Tool, by clicking on the link below the badge image on this page.

Adapt these activities to try out at home

These activities were originally designed for groups meeting face-to-face, so you may have to think on your feet to make them work in the (very unique) situation we’re in. Anyone can be the person leading the game or activity, so why not let young people take charge? Instead of chatting in a real-life group, you could use the internet (safely) or talk to someone at home.


Activity Packs

Gruffalo Cosy Nest
PDF – 332.6KB
Gruffalo Easter Treats
PDF – 382.7KB
Gruffalo ID Chart
PDF – 291.0KB
Gruffalo Knot Tying
PDF – 4.4MB
Gruffalo Make A Bird Feeder
PDF – 323.7KB
Gruffalo Make A Leaf Crown
PDF – 425.2KB
Gruffalo Name Game
PDF – 215.0KB
Gruffalo Song
PDF – 197.1KB
Gruffalo Tea Time
PDF – 349.9KB
Gruffalo Woodland Art
PDF – 244.6KB

Make Do Share

During our partnership with Gruffalo Explorers, we have created some additional resources which have featured in issues of our Partnerships Magazine, Make Do Share. You can download these resources below.

Make Do Share Be A First Aider
PDF – 6.5MB
Make Do Share The Power Of Wind
PDF – 3.5MB
Make Do Share Knots
PDF – 126.9KB
Make Do Share Make A Butterfly Garden
PDF – 8.5MB
Make Do Share Gruffalo Recipes
PDF – 2.6MB
MDS Know Your Nature
PDF – 806.6KB

About Gruffalo Explorers

The Gruffalo Explorers Nature Trail books by Macmillan Children’s Books are compact sized activity books perfect for the Beaver age group and fans of Julia Donaldson and Axel Scheffler’s much-loved character, The Gruffalo. They are full of great activities that are based around seeing and engaging with nature and the outside world. Find out more about the Gruffalo Explorers books here.