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By partnering with Jaffa, we want to generate knowledge and enthusiasm amongst our young people on the benefits of healthy eating, how fruit is grown, and where it comes from.

Jaffa encompasses three core values: ‘Happy, Healthy, Honest’. By partnering with both the Beaver Health and Fitness badge, and Cub Our Skills Challenge Award, Jaffa aims to reinforce healthy habits, giving young people a chance to develop to their fullest potential.

As well as sponsoring our Beaver Health and Fitness Activity Badge, and the Cub Our Skills Challenger Award, Jaffa will also provide you with:

  • A range of resources to support the badge
  • A Jaffa voucher

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Badge and resources

As our partner for the Beaver Health and Fitness Activity Badge, everyone between 6 – 8 years old can now enjoy learning about exercise, healthy eating, and promoting this to others.

By partnering the Cub Our Skills Challenge Award Resources, everyone between 8 – 10 ½ years old can learn to challenge themselves in learning new skills.

Keen to get stuck in? Download the resources below:

Beaver Health and Fitness Activity Badge Resources:

Badge Requirement 1: Agility

Beavers Dodgeball
PDF – 166.6KB
Beavers Relay Race
PDF – 169.5KB
Beavers Obstacle Course
PDF – 186.7KB

Badge Requirement 2:  Learn about a variety of healthy foods

Beavers Fruit Kebabs
PDF – 168.3KB
Beavers Banana Boats
PDF – 150.2KB
Beavers Trail Mix
PDF – 114.7KB
Beavers Human Fruit Machine
PDF – 82.8KB

Badge Requirement 3: Monitor heartbeat 

Beavers Heart Rate
PDF – 214.9KB

Badge Requirement 4: Promote healthy eating and exercise to others 

Beavers Inspiring Others
PDF – 67.9KB

Cub Our Skills Challenge Award Resources:

Badge Requirement 1: Try two new sports or physical activities at least once

Cub Activity Sheets Pysical Activity
PDF – 177.2KB

Badge Requirement 3: Pick two things creative to try including write a short story and story telling

Cub Activity Sheets Fruit Character
PDF – 292.6KB

Badge Requirement 4: Learn at least four new skills including making cakes and washing up

Cub Activity Sheets Skills Record
PDF – 301.5KB
Cub Activity Sheets Choc Orange
PDF – 327.5KB
Cub Activity Sheets Colour Cobbler
PDF – 184.1KB

Badge Requirement 5: Take part in at least two problem-solving activities that you haven't done before

Cub Activity Sheets The Orange Game
PDF – 207.5KB


More activities and information packs

Make Do Share Spring 2018 Breakfast Of Champions!
PDF – 3.2MB
Make Do Share Autumn 2018 Healthy Kebabs
PDF – 409.0KB
Make Do Share Spring 2019 Cakes In An Orange
PDF – 6.2MB
Make Do Share Spring 2019 Food Footprints
PDF – 67.6KB
Make Do Share Summer 2019 Plan A Foodie Social
PDF – 2.7MB
Jaffa Word Search
PDF – 152.9KB
Jaffa True Or False
PDF – 142.0KB
MDS34 Play With Your Food
PDF – 206.3KB



Get in touch!

We would love to hear from you with any feedback having used any of Jaffa’s resources. Please email or share your experiences and photographs online by Tweeting @JaffaFruit @UKScouting, using the Hashtag #JaffaScouts to be in with the chance of winning a Jaffa obstacle course and some Jaffa goodies for your pack. You can also keep up to date with our competitions and events on our facebook page, on Twitter @JaffaFruit and on Instagram @LoveJaffaCitrus


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