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The Great Indoors Badge

The Great Indoors Badge

In Stage 2 you’ll create a regular routine for yourself, and see how what you have learned can support your community.

We've included some suggested activities for each requirement. Of course, they were designed for face-to-face Scouts, so you’ll probably need to make some tweaks. Take a look at the ‘Tips’, where we’ve put together some suggestions for how to adapt some of the common phrases you may encounter.

How to earn your badge:

  1. Practical skills

    Practise one practical skill that you can do from home every day for a week.


    Beavers (6-8 years) Tie a rabbit’s tale

    Cubs (8-10½ years) Animal diary

    Scouts (10½-14 years) It’s knot you, it’s me!

    Explorers (14-18 years) Veggie bakes

  2. Outdoor skills

    Practise one skill that would help you to explore or survive in the outdoors every day for a week.


    Beavers (6-8 years) Tiny tippy taps

    Cubs (8-10½ years) Focus on nature

    Scouts (10½-14 years) Put it on the map 

    Explorers (14-18 years) Compass coding

  3. Physical activity

    Practise one physical activity every day at home for a week.


    Beavers (6-8 years) Heart rate relay

    Cubs (8-10½ years) Happy hooping

    Scouts (10½-14 years) Building balance

    Explorers (14-18 years) Under your belt

  4. Community engagement

    Along with a responsible adult, talk to someone online about a local service or charity in your community that’s helping people affected by the spread of COVID-19.


    Beavers (6-8 years) Chatty charities

    Cubs (8-10½ years) Distinguishing disability

    Scouts (10½-14 years) Write a letter, make a difference

    Explorers (14-18 years) Vlog or blog for better mental health

  5. Social action

    From your own home, do something that helps friends or family elsewhere in the country.


    Beavers (6-8 years) Postman pals

    Cubs (8-10½ years) Five ways to wellbeing chatterbox

    Scouts (10½-14 years) Better mental health for all performance

    Explorers (14-18 years) Good deed discovery

  6. International

    Cook one traditional meal from another country.


    Beavers (6-8 years) Fully-fledged foodies

    Cubs (8-10½ years) Perfect pizzas

    Scouts (10½-14 years) Displaced cook off

    Explorers (14-18 years) Displaced cook off

  7. Creative

    Take part in one creative activity every day at home for a week.


    Beavers (6-8 years) Cookies with character or Perform to inform

    Cubs (8-10½ years) Best concert ever or Blast from the past

    Scouts (10½-14 years) Fruit salad solar system or Weave goodbye to waste

    Explorers (14-18 years) It’s knot you, it’s me! or Bedtime stories

  8. Spiritual

    Try one wellbeing technique that you haven’t tried before (such as meditation, mindfulness, yoga, prayer, etc) and practice it everyday for a week.


    Beavers (6-8 years) Promise hands

    Cubs (8-10½ years) Link up

    Scouts (10½-14 years) Build a wellbeing box

    Explorers (14-18 years) Wellbeing sessions

  9. Nights away

    Take part in a night away at home, sleeping in a den or tent, indoors or in the garden – with someone else in your family.

    More info here > 


May 2020.

Requirements can be adapted to suit each young persons abilities. See our guidance on flexibility.

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