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Safety and safeguarding

Safety and safeguarding

Doing things safely is fundamental to everything we do at Scouts

Qualified Leaders will host a safe and secure programme aimed specifically at 4 and 5 year olds.

Squirrel ratios are:

  • 1:6 inside plus a leader in charge
  • 1:4 outside (away from the safety of the usual meeting place) plus a leader in charge

with a minimum of 3 adults regardless of the number of Squirrels attending.

Check out our page on everything parents and carers need to know about safety and safeguarding.

Parents and carers can come along too

Squirrels Dreys are opening across the UK and we know how important it's for some parents/carers to want to see their young person having fun. So parents/carers will have the option to stick around during the one hour sessions.