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Organise a de-stresstival


Put on an event to show your community what you’ve learned about wellbeing and promote better mental health for all.

Talk to me


Learn about the importance of good mental wellbeing and raise awareness in the community.

Five ways to wellbeing chatterbox


Do you know the five ways to wellbeing? Explore how they relate to your life with a chatterbox.

Become a walk and talk ambassador


Get outside, go for a walk and use a chatterbox to start conversations about wellbeing

Prepare, prevent and control


Find out how to make your nights away safe and enjoyable for everyone. How will you manage risk?

Wellbeing wheels


Create a spinning wheel to inspire others to boost their wellbeing.

Switch off challenge


Take on the switch off challenge to find a healthy balance between time on and away from screens.

Combat loneliness with kindness


See what you know about loneliness in the UK as we explore how good company and kindness puts loneliness behind us.

When disaster strikes


Look into a recent natural disaster and explore how people help put things back together again.

A safe bridge


Explore the theme of homelessness, and why people could become homeless, in this interactive bridge building activity.

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