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Better mental health bingo


What’s been going on? Fill out your card the fastest to win by finding out how our friends manage their mental health.

Vlog or blog for better mental health


Share your thoughts and experiences to raise awareness and share ideas about looking after your wellbeing.

Better mental health for all performance


Learn some lines to say that make a statement about recognising people who struggle with their mental health.

International health hazards


Inspect infections and highlight hazards as we take a look at some global threats to our health.

Community wellbeing map


Identify services near you that promote positive wellbeing or support young people experiencing mental health problems.

I spidey spy


Use a spider’s web to identify some problems people face when it comes to mental health and come up with some solutions.

True or false


Show what you know about mental health as we bust the stigma surrounding the subject with some home truths.

Organise a de-stresstival


Put on an event to show your community what you’ve learned about wellbeing and promote better mental health for all.

Keepie uppie


Work together to stop the balloons touching the floor as we look at how a mental health issue can impact on your life.

Inside the lines


Find out how common mental health problems can stand in the way of young people from all walks of life.

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