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Cubs Naturalist Activity Badge


This badge is all about engaging with the natural world, and showing others why it's so special.

Chief Scout's Gold Award


Find out what challenge awards and activity badges you need to complete to earn the Chief Scout's Gold Award.

Scouts Cyclist Activity Badge


Earn your Cyclist Activity Badge to make sure your cycling skills are top-knotch before your next cycling adventure.

The Explorer Scout Young Leader Delivery Book


You can use the Explorer Scout Young Leader Delivery Book for all the information you need to take part in the ESYL scheme from the Scouts

A safe bridge


Explore the theme of homelessness, and why people could become homeless, in this interactive bridge building activity.



Soar through the skies in an unpowered plane as you get a new perspective on things around you.

Craft a camp blanket


Make a camp blanket to reflect your Scouts journey so far – and plan adventures yet to come.

And the award goes to...


A fast-paced race introduces the Chief Scout’s Bronze Award.

Forecast enthusiast


Find your inner weather forecaster as you get stuck into deciphering a synoptic weather map.

Badge bingo bonanza


Work together to discover the different badges and awards Beaver Scouts can earn with this brilliant bingo game.

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