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Joint Activities or Joint Use of facilities with other Youth Organisations

A joint activity is one where youth members of both organisations are present.

  1. Joint activities involving members of the Scout Movement with members of Girlguiding must be undertaken following the guidance in FS120007 Joint Activites with Girlguiding. Satisfaction in relation to Girlguiding policies and procedures will be monitored and maintained by Headquarters for the whole Association.

  2. Joint activities involving members of the Scout Movement with members of other organisations (except Girlguiding) must be approved by the County Commissioner and following the guidance in FS120013 Joint Activities with other organisations. Satisfaction about policies and procedures of these other organisations is the responsibility of the County Commissioner or their representative.

  3. Those responsible for accepting bookings from other youth organisations for use of Scout camp sites, activity centres or other Scout owned facilities must satisfy themselves that:
    • the Safeguarding and Safety Polices of the Association will be adhered to;
    • all adults in the party have been deemed suitable to work with young people by their own organisation;
    • they are aware of The Scout Association’s internal rules and good practice.

  4. The above should be an integral part of any booking procedure.

  5. Scout Counties, Districts and Groups are able to make their own decisions on the use of their facilities. Much will depend on the situation locally.