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Nights Away Passports

  1. A Scout or Explorer Scout who wishes to lead a camping or residential event can do so when issued with an Event Passport, this is only valid for use with members of their own section.

  2. Each Event Passport is issued for one event only by a permit holder experienced in the category of camp or residential experience proposed.

  3. Event Passports cannot be given to anyone aged over 18 and cannot be used for joint explorer Scout/Scout Network events.

  4. The permit holder has responsibility for notification (see Rule 9.57l).

  5. The permit holder must provide support during both the preparation and the event itself and be satisfied that the young person has the required abilities, but is not required to attend the event.

    Event Passports and guidance are available from Scout Store or can be downloaded from the brand centre.

  6. Those responsible for running Scout campsites or activity centres who hold a permit may issue site specific Event Passports for an extended period (up to a maximum of 12 months) covering multiple service events for those under 18 years working on projects on their site.

  7. The home Commissioner must be informed of those under 18 years working on service team projects at Scout campsites and activity centres, but a separate NAN form for each occasion need not be completed if a range of dates is specified.

  8. When leading a Scout Network residential event a passport or permit is not required, but notification (Rule 9.57l) is, and the event Leader must have first hand experience of camping or residential events and be familiar with the Association’s appropriate resource material.

  9. As part of the planning process parents must be informed of no leaders being present and of the supervision arrangements for a residential event using an event Passport and be satisfied with them prior to consenting to their child taking part.

    For adult / Scout ratios on Nights Away activities, see Rule 3.10