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Large Scale Events

  1. Where an adventurous activity (as defined in rule 9.7) involves 100 or more people, the activity must be specially approved by the home District or County Commissioner(s) and advance notice in writing must be given to the host County Commissioner(s) at least two months before the event, together with the following details:
    • the numbers and age ranges of those involved
    • the names and addresses of the responsible Leaders
    • the outline programme
    • the proposed location(s)
    • the proposed transport arrangements, including those to be used during the event
    • the proposed method of liaison with local landowners.

  2. In all such cases involving the activities covered in this chapter, the organisers must:
    • carry out a risk assessment
    • consider and document the arrangement for the supervision of participants, including non-members and the procedures to be used in the event of an emergency
    • submit a safety plan to the home District or County Commissioner(s) for approval.

  3. For large scale adventurous activities where alternative written safety procedures are in place the County Commissioner, in consultation with the relevant County Activity Adviser, may agree to an alternative system of supervision, checking and control of participating groups.