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Nights Away Responsibilities

  1. A Leader or other adult leading a camp or residential experience involving young people under 18 years old must:

    • hold a valid Nights Away Permit;
    • have the prior agreement of the young person’s Section Leader;
    • have parental consent (method to be determined by the leader) in which parents are informed of key information about the event including which leaders are present;
    • as a minimum, attend the event during the time that provision is made for young people to be sleeping overnight. They remain responsible for the event at all times;
    • ensure the relevant notification is made, as per Rule 9.57l.

  2. The District Commissioner is responsible for:

    • the issue of Nights Away Permits in accordance with the application, assessment and approval process and content of the appropriate factsheet; The Commissioner can only approve the issue of a Permit following the recommendation of a Nights Away Adviser and cannot increase the level of the permit beyond that recommended without a further assessment by an NAA.
    • suspension or withdrawal of Nights Away Permits as per Rule 9.58;
    • ensuring that all adult members who are present overnight at a nights away activity have current safeguarding and safety training recorded on Compass;
    • this rule does not apply to occasional helpers or to members of the Scout Network who are attending the event as a participant and are not supporting or delivering activities for members under the age of 18
    • the standards of all camping and residential experiences taking place in the District and may cancel an event, if judged necessary;
    • appointing one, or more, Nights Away Advisers in accordance with the process and content of the appropriate factsheet.

County Commissioners have these responsibilities for events and permits issued by the County.

c. For large scale events there needs to be a permit holder responsible for each residential group. There is no limit to the number of groups that a permit holder can be responsible for, but they remain responsible for the standard of the event for each group. In addition the permit holder must ensure the home Commissioner is notified (Rule 9.57m) and inform them of the total number of groups they are responsible for during the event.

d. All groups undertaking a nights away event must have immediate access to someone who has a current First Aid qualification, minimum First Response. The level of First Aid competence required for each event will be determined by the event risk assessment. However a full first aid certificate as defined in FS120052 is required for those operating in remote environments, where travelling time is 3 hours or more (in the method of travel being used) to a point of refuge, including;

  • a road which carries a normal road-going ambulance;
  • a building which is occupied (such as a farm or harbour);
  • or another means of calling help (such as a telephone box).

The permit holder is not required to hold a first aid qualification.

e. The requirement to have completed a First Response course is waived for holders of a valid First Aid qualification, where the syllabus equals or exceeds that of a First Response course, including hypothermia and hyperthermia training.