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Caving and Mine Exploration

  1. These rules apply to:
    • all caving systems (excluding show caves)
    • all mine exploration (excluding working show mines)

  2. The leader holding the permit must ensure that before the party sets out it must:
    • have received adequate instruction in equipment and safety procedures
    • be carrying the appropriate equipment.

  3. The leader holding the permit must have:
    • taken advice on local knowledge, weather conditions and party size
    • considered the use of local or professional guides.

  4. No underground activity may be undertaken by a party of fewer than four.

  5. A detailed plan must always be left on the surface with a responsible person in the host area.

  6. Any forms produced locally must contain at least the same information as sought in the Headquarters form.

  7. The plan should be cancelled or collected when the activity is completed.

  8. All mines used for mine exploration must have a current inspection report covering the sections used that must be accessible to, and have been read by the permit holder.