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  1. Snowsports environment definitions;
    • Off Piste – Outside of marked and patrolled snowsports areas;
    • On Piste – Within the marked and patrolled snowsports areas, including snowparks, except for those defined as nursery slopes;
    • Nursery slopes – on piste runs designated for beginners by the body responsible for the snowsports area;
    • Artificial slopes – either an indoor slope or an outdoor dry ski slope; except snowparks.
  2. Short term personal permit exemptions can be granted by appropriately qualified people, as described in the snowsports factsheet FS120457

  3. For off piste snowsports, the relevant Terrain 1 or Terrain 2 Hillwalking Winter permit is also required.

  4. Helmets must be worn by all those taking part in snowsports activities, except in the case of cross country skiing, ski touring when in walk mode or 9.33e.

  5. A Sikh wearing a Turban may choose to take part in snowsports activities without a helmet. This does not apply to a Sikh wearing a top knot.

    NOTE: More information regarding these rules can be found at in FS120424 Winter Sports