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Party Size

For activities in Terrain One and Two as defined in Rules 9.29 & 9.30:

  1. Parties must consist of no more than eight, but no less than four people, except as provided for in Rule 9.32 (d) below.

  2. Each party must have a leader holding a permit or a designated party leader.

  3. If more than one group is formed the parties must use different routes or, if using the same route, leave a clear time and distance interval between them – so that they do not become mixed.

  4. When walking directly to, and off the hills after, a multi pitch climb the party size may be less than four.

  5. No leader with a permit to supervise the activity may do so with more than three parties, including their own.

  6. When leaders holding permits are checking on the safety of Scout parties or their routes, the party size may be less than four. All the members of such a reduced party must each have the skills and experience required to travel safely in the hills in such circumstances, must follow rules regarding route plans and should plan to spend the minimum of time on their own.