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The Duke of Edinburgh's Award

  1. The Scout Association is a Licenced Organisation for the Duke of Edinburgh's Award.

  2. Each Country Headquarters is a separate Licenced Organisation.

  3. The County Commissioner should appoint a County Adviser for the Duke of Edinburgh's Award, where a County Adviser is not in post the Education Department at UK Headquarters will resume responsibility for the County as an interim measure. Where a County have multiple people undertaking the tasks of County DofE Adviser, all of these individuals must hold the correct role on Compass.

  4. The County DofE Adviser must participate in a DofE Verifier Training prior to being given verifier permissions, a County DofE Adviser Induction within 3 months of appointment. And attend annual Top Awards Conference in order to maintain currency within their appointment period.

  5. The assessors for the various Sections of the Bronze, Silver and Gold Awards must be approved by the County or District Adviser and all expedition assessors must hold the DofE Expedition Assessor Accreditation and have The Scout Association listed as a Licenced Organisation on their record

  6. Verifying and Issuing the Awards.
    • Bronze and Silver Awards may be verified by an appointed verifier within the County or Country as approved by the Licenced Organisation;
    • Gold Awards in England, the Channel Islands, the Isle of Man and British Scouting Overseas and Wales (from 1 April 2018) are verified by Headquarters;
    • Gold Awards in Northern Ireland are verified by the Northern Ireland Scout Council;
    • Gold Awards in Scotland are verified by Scottish Headquarters;
    • Gold Awards in Wales are verified by the ScoutsCymru Office (until 31 March 2018).

  7. Each award has a cloth badge for wear with uniform, a lapel badge and a certificate.

  8. Bronze and Silver Awards are presented by the District or County Commissioner or their nominee.

  9. Gold Award Badges are presented locally by the County Commissioner or their nominee.

  10. Gold Award Certificates are normally presented at a reception arranged in one of the Royal Palaces.

    Further information about the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award can be obtained from