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Responsibilities of Appointments in the Scout District

  1. The District Commissioner:

    1. The District Commissioner is responsible to the County Commissioner and to Headquarters for:
      • the development of Scouting in the District;
      • promoting and maintaining the policies of the Association;
      • the local management of the Safety Policy together with the District Executive Committee;
      • ensuring that all adults working within the Scout District (including members of any District Scout Active Support Units) are appropriate persons to carry out the tasks given them;
      • ensuring that all Leaders have the opportunity to attend a first aid or a First Response course during their first year of appointment;
      • encouraging and facilitating the training of Members of the Movement as appropriate throughout the District;
      • ensuring that all adults in the District are appropriately trained;
      • all aspects of Scouting in the District, particularly ensuring that Managers, Leaders Supporters and Administrators properly discharge their responsibilities and duties as specified in these Rules;
      • ensuring that Scout Groups, Explorer Scout Units, District Scout Network and Group or District Scout Active Support Units are visited by members of the District Team;
      • advising Leaders on how to conduct themselves in accordance with the Association's Policies and Rules as defined from time to time in Policy, Organisation and Rules and in the Association's Handbooks and other official publications;
      • encouraging the formation and operation of the District Scout Council, Scout Active Support Units, Scout Groups, Explorer Scout Units, and District Scout Network and assisting in their effective working;
      • securing the harmonious co-operation of all Members of the Movement in the District and settling any disputes between them;
      • performing all duties specified in these Rules for District Commissioners in respect of training and administration, particularly in respect of appointments, registration, Membership of the Movement and decorations and awards;
      • the achievement of minimum standards for Scout Groups, Sections in Groups, Explorer Scout Units and District Scout Network;
      • the observance of all Rules relating to the conduct of Scouting activities, particularly to camping and activities requiring the observance of safety precautions;
      • co-operation and the maintenance of good relations with Members of Girlguiding and other youth organisations in the District and ensuring that the Association is adequately represented on local committees, particularly youth committees;
      • encouraging the formation, operation and effective working of the District Explorer Scout meeting;
      • encouraging the formation, operation and effective working of the District Patrol Leaders Forum;
      • ensuring the District has effective communication with the Assistant County Commissioner Scout Network;
      • matters relating to the admission of members of District Scout Active Support Units;
      • agreeing the remit of any District Scout Active Support Units and reviewing them annually;
      • for nominating the District Chair and certain members of the District Executive Committee.
    2. The District Commissioner may not hold the appointment of District Chair, nor may they nominate any other Manager, Leader or Supporter to that appointment.

    3. The District Commissioner is an ex-officio member of the County Scout Council.

    4. The District Commissioner has the right of attendance at all Councils and Committees and their sub-Committees within the District.

    5. If the office of District Commissioner is vacant, the County Commissioner will either perform these duties as a temporary measure or nominate an Assistant District Commissioner or another Commissioner to act in this capacity.

    6. In respect of the District Scout Council and the District Executive Committee the District Commissioner must nominate the District Chair and certain members.
  2. The Deputy District Commissioner

    1. Deputy District Commissioners may be appointed to assist and deputise for the District Commissioner.

    2. The duties of the appointment will be defined by the District Commissioner at the time of appointment.
  3. District Explorer Scout Commissioner

    1. A District Explorer Scout Commissioner may be appointed for the Section.

    2. The District Explorer Scout Commissioner will normally be a Leader experienced in the Section and will normally have completed a Wood Badge for the Explorer Scout Section.

    3. The functions of the appointment are to:

      • assist the District Commissioner with the running of the Section, including the personal support and encouragement of Leaders;
      • visit Explorer Scout Units and provide technical advice on their operations;
      • promote the work of the District Explorer Scout Meeting;
      • arrange for the organisation of District events;
      • ensure that District Leaders' Meetings are held and to carry out such other duties as may be delegated by the District Commissioner;
      • maintain effective links with all Scout Groups;
      • maintain effective links with the Scout Network.
  4. District Scout Network Commissioner

    1. A District Scout Network Commissioner must be appointed for a District Scout Network.

    2. The functions of the appointment are to:

      • Ensure that the District Scout Network operates;
      • Provide technical advice on the operations of the District Scout Network;
      • Liaise with the District Explorer Scout Commissioner and maintain effective links with all Explorer Scout Units.
      • Support the Programme Coordinator(s) of the District Scout Network
      • Encourage participation in the programme and projects devised by the District Scout Network and other Scout Networks.
      • Ensure that members of the District Scout Network are aware of volunteering opportunities in the District.
  5. Assistant District Commissioners

    1. Assistant District Commissioners may be appointed to assist the District Commissioner with general or particular duties (e.g. General Duties, Beaver Scouts, Cub Scouts, Scouts, Adult Training).
  6. District Youth Commissioner

    1. A District Youth Commissioner may be appointed.

    2. the functions of the appointment are:

      As a member of the District Leadership team the District Youth Commissioner works in partnership with the District Commissioner and Chair of the District Executive Committee. The role is to ensure that young people from 6-25 years are involved and engaged in every decision that shapes their Scouting experience locally and to empower young people to share their ideas and have a meaningful voice in planning, implementing and reviewing their programme and opportunities.

    3. A District Youth Commissioner must be appointed between the ages of 18-25. The appointment must take place before the member’s 25th birthday. A member should be in post for a maximum term of three years, therefore, any given member must only hold this appointment until the day before their 28th birthday.