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Section Flexibility

a. Integrated sections

    1. An Integrated Section may consist of one or more:
      • Squirrel Scouts
      • Beaver Scouts
      • Cub Scouts
      • Scouts

The Integrated Section works together as one Section.

An Integrated Section that includes any of Squirrel Scouts, Beaver Scouts or Cub Scouts should not meet for more than two hours.

ii. An Integrated Section may only be established with the prior approval of the District Commissioner.

iii. Members of Integrated Sections take part in a Balanced Programme, make the Promise and wear the uniform appropriate to their Sectional age group.

iv. The operation of Integrated Sections must follow the guidelines available from the Scout Information Centre.

b. Flexibility for Individual Members

    1. It is important that young people are seen as individuals and that they are regarded equally whatever their abilities or disabilities.

    2. It is the duty of the Scout Group to make reasonable adjustments to support the full participation of young people with additional needs, disabilities or life-limiting conditions.

    3. The Scout Group can request guidance from a network of volunteers supporting inclusion within Districts, Counties (Areas or Regions) and Countries, and from UK Headquarters.

    4. Reasonable adjustments should respond to the needs of the individual and aim to remove any barriers or support access, by adapting:
      • Physical features (eg. the meeting place)
      • The way things are done (eg. age ranges, the Programme, routines)
      • Support provided (eg. equipment, adapting communication, level of support)
    5. What is reasonable for the Scout Group is dependent upon the effectiveness of the adjustment, whether it can actually be done, the cost and the resources of the Group at that time.

    6. Making reasonable adjustments is an on-going duty and should be regularly reviewed.

    7. Permitting a young person with additional needs to be in a Section outside of the core age range may enable the individual to access Scouting. Where appropriate, this recommendation should be made in consultation with the primary caregiver, Section Leaders, Group Scout Leader and local Inclusion appointments, and should be approved by the District Commissioner. Under no circumstances can anyone aged 18 years or over, regardless of ability, remain in a Squirrel Scout Drey, Beaver Scout Colony, Cub Scout Pack Scout Troop or Explorer Scout Unit.

    8. Scout Groups, Districts and Counties (or Areas/ Regions) should seek guidance form Headquarters regarding reasonable adjustments disputes and allegations of discrimination.

      Note: information and guidance on supporting young people with additional needs and disabilities can be found on the Members Area of the website.