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Variations to the wording of the Promises

  1. Scouting is open to people of all faiths and of none and must therefore take account of the different religious obligations of its Members while upholding the essential spirit of the Promise.

  2. The following table shows the alternative wording of the Promise that young people and adults may wish to use to best reflect their own beliefs:
Religion or Belief  Beaver Scout Promise Cub and Scout Promise (for British Subjects)
Christian, Jew, Sikh love God ...duty to God and to The Queen
Muslim love God
or love Allah

On My honour...
In the name of Allah, the Most Beneficent the Most Merciful... ...duty to God and to The Queen
...duty to Allah and to The Queen
Hindu love God
or love my Dharma
...duty to God and to The Queen
...duty to my Dharma and to The Queen
Humanist, atheist or no faith ... To be kind and helpful and to love our world ... To uphold our Scout values, to do my duty to The Queen


  1. Where some other form of wording is required for a member of a particular faith or religion advice should be sought from Headquarters.

  2. Similarly it is accepted that foreign residents who may become Members of the Association owe allegiance to their own country.

  3. To meet these circumstances the phrase 'duty to The Queen' should be replaced by the phrase 'duty to the country in which I am now living'.

  4. In the case of young people the decision as to which permitted form of wording should be used rests with them, however in the younger Sections parents should be aware of the Promise chosen before the investiture ceremony.

  5. In the case of adults the decision as to which permitted form of wording should be used rests entirely with the adult concerned.