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Blogs | 23rd August 2019

10 ways to deal with stress this summer

It’s supposed to be a chance to relax, but summer can often be a stressful time. Travel arrangements, changes to routine, family dynamics, and, of course, the impending exam results day all take their toll. To help you come out the other side of summer smiling, we’ve put together a list of 10 small things that might help you beat stress.

Blogs | 17th May 2019

Over 20,000 young people in areas of deprivation join Scouts

We’re proud to share that our latest annual membership figures show another year of growth,

Blogs | 14th May 2019

What Scouts pack

Find out what we can’t be without when we're spending nights away.

News | 13th May 2019

Lois’ story

'The main benefit has been gaining confidence and building new friendships'.

News | 10th May 2019

Welcome to our new beta website

This website is the result of a year’s work, and will hopefully make life much easier for members, volunteers and visitors alike.

News | 10th May 2019

The importance of saying thank you

What’s most extraordinary about our volunteers is they’re just like you and me.