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News | 23rd May 2020

How to spot fake news

Fake news is content that’s purposely created to misinform and mislead. It’s been blamed for shock election results worldwide, is considered dangerous by global experts and can be difficult to spot.

News | 22nd May 2020

Travel vs planet

One transatlantic flight emits more carbon dioxide than a year’s worth of driving or eating meat. So, if you love to travel, is it possible to both explore the planet and protect it?

News | 22nd May 2020

Why saying ‘thank you’ is more important now than ever

With Volunteers’ Week just around the corner (1–7 June), our UK Commissioner for People, Amir Cheema, talks about why now’s a great time to think differently about how we recognise those in Scouts who are going above and beyond

Blogs | 19th May 2020

How we hiked to the Moon, helping people along the way

When COVID-19 hit, we knew we had to do something to support the people affected. This is the story of how we took one giant leap to help.

Blogs | 18th May 2020

A-Z of Scouts for 4 and 5 year olds

A is for Adventure, one of the key themes of the pilot programme.

Blogs | 16th May 2020

How to be grateful

Especially when things are difficult, it’s easy to miss the things we could be grateful for.