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Update | 15 December 2021

Do you want to join our volunteer People team and shape the future of volunteering?


Join our team to help make volunteering easier and more rewarding.

The ‘Skills for Life’ strategy sets out our aims for the next four years (up to 2025).

By 2025 we will have prepared more young people with skills for life, supported by amazing leaders who deliver an inspiring programme. We will be growing, more inclusive, shaped by young people and making a bigger impact in our communities.

‘People’ is an essential pillar of work in achieving this.

We are working to ensure that:

Every volunteer is welcomed.
Every volunteer is supported.
Every volunteer is valued.
Every volunteer gains new skills (and has fun!)
Every volunteer matters.

The People team is made up of dedicated staff and volunteers just like you, all working together to transform volunteering at the Scouts.

We are recruiting roles across the UK Commissioner for People Team and the People Programme of Work.

While the work of these two groups will intersect there are clear distinctions that can be made.

The UK Commissioner for People Team and People Programme Team look at the here and now – making sure active volunteers are represented and supported to do their roles effectively. 

The People Programme Team look to the future of volunteering at the Scouts and do the work to transform our volunteering offer so we can meet our strategic aims set out in Skills for Life.

Join the UK Commissioner for People Team

To continue to support the needs of our active volunteers we’re looking for a team of people who are passionate about volunteering, understand the needs of volunteers and are willing to learn.

We have three roles available in the team.

Join the People Programme Team

To continue the work completed so far in the People Programme, we’re looking for committed and dedicated volunteers to contribute to the work and join the team.

Join a specific project team

  • Project team member on our How we volunteer project – This project is looking to create more modern and flexible volunteer roles, through a team based approach to volunteering. Get involved in refining, supporting with testing and planning for how to make this change with the movement.
  • Project team or Review team member on our Volunteering culture project – The purpose of this project is to define what Scouts volunteering culture should be to create a set of mutual expectations. If you’d like to support in testing this with members or to draft support material to enable the change – one of these roles could be right for you.
  • Project lead on our Learning project – Help us figure out how we transition from the current Adult Training Scheme to a brand new Learning Framework. We want to make sure no one gets lost or falls through the cracks, and that we support local volunteer teams in the transition from the current training scheme to the new learning framework.

Click any of the vacancy links to find more information on the People team.

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