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Blog | 03 March 2020

Making the switch: 9 easy ways to get on brand


Huge thanks to the thousands of groups, districts and counties who have already switched over to our new brand. The deadline to make the changes is 31 May, so if you haven’t yet taken action, now’s the time.

05/05/2020 - COVID-19 Update: The deadline to make the switch to our new brand has now been extended by a year until 31 May 2021.

We know that when we look like a single family of Scouts, talking about skills for life, we’ll be more easily recognised, better understood and will attract more volunteers.

  1. Talk about skills for life

Let’s help people understand why we do what we do. So update your website and social media with a short description – talking about skills for life: ‘Scouts prepares young people with skills for life – helping them speak up and play their part. Each week we give almost half a million people aged 6-25 the skills they need for school, college, university, the job interview, the important speech, the tricky challenge and the big dreams: the skills they need for life.’

  1. Download your local logo

Register or log into the Scouts brand centre. Once logged, in, you’ll find your new personalised logo waiting for you on all your templates. You can also customise your logo with the logo generator, but remember not to add the words ‘Scouts’, ‘Group’, ‘District’ or County’. There’s a choice of linear or stacked versions – and please don’t be tempted to add anything to it or design your own. If you’re an active support unit, simply add the name of your unit below the logo in the same way.  

  1. Order your new sign

You can create and order a new sign in the new brand in minutes. It’s available in different sizes, all nation colours and with a choice of delivery options. The Scouts brand centre is offering a 20% discount off all signs until 31 May 2020. 

  1. Write more like you speak

How we talk makes a big difference to the way people feel about us. Talking in a more natural way, using real examples, will make people want to listen.

  • Talk in a down-to-earth, conversational way. Like you speak, in fact.
  • Explain what a skill is and what can be done with it.
  • Tell a story with real examples that inspires young people, parents and potential volunteers.
  • Think about what a young person would say.
  1. Update your social media

Use your local logo as your profile picture. You can also make social media banners using templates from the brand centre. You should update the profile description too – if it talks about adventure, talk about skills for life instead. Your images should still show fun, friendship and adventure. 

  1. Update your website

Make sure your new logo is visible on your website and that there’s a clear message about skills for life. Use our How we talk guide to update the language too. There are companies who can help you, including Scout Websites, but check that the basics are right first. 

  1. Stand out from the crowd

Got an event coming up? A bright bold banner is a brilliant way to draw a crowd. Create and order your own indoor and outdoor banners in a variety of sizes. You can choose the design and add your own details, alongside the skills for life message. 

  1. Update your vehicles

Vehicles are a great way to share our skills for life message. You can create and order personalised branding for minibuses and trailers from the brand centre.

  1. Personalise your clothing

Your name and logo on clothing makes Scouts more visible in local communities, start conversations and gets people interested. Scout Store has a service that helps you create your own special hoodies, polos and t-shirts.

Share your great local examples 

We’ve seen some brilliant examples from across the UK where Scouts have used our new brand on signs, vehicles and events. It gets people talking and really helps bring in new volunteers. If you’d like to share some of your branding, please email examples to so we can inspire others.

Need some help?
We’re always happy to offer advice and support with your local branding. Please get in contact with the team at Please also read our guide: How to update your branding in a lunchtime (and still have time for a sandwich).

Thanks to Tir A Mor District for the great examples of the brand in action.

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