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Blogs | 24th February 2020

Guns n’ roses: the plants that kill

Sometimes, the biggest threat in the British countryside can feel like the downpour ready to ruin your picnic. What you may not know is that some of this nation’s most beautiful plant life is out to get you – if you mess with them, first. Get clued up on the UK’s most poisonous plants with this go-to guide.

Blogs | 18th February 2020

Looking into Scouts for 4 and 5 year olds through the partner-led model

The pilots trialling Scouts for 4 and 5 year olds are being tested out using three different models. The partner-led model is when a group is run through an early years partner such as a nursery or school. We visited a partner-led pilot at a school in the West Midlands to see how they’re getting along.

Blogs | 4th February 2020

It takes all sorts

Because different leaders bring different strengths to Scouts, learning about personality types – our own, and those around us – can help us work better together. We asked collaboration coach Kate Tapper to share her tips.

Blogs | 3rd February 2020

Why we’re proud to be part of the Scouts family

Alan Gueldner is the Group Scout Leader at Selkirk Scouts, a thriving group in the Borders District of Scotland. He and his team have just updated their branding ahead of the transition deadline in May 2020 and shares his experience.

Blogs | 3rd February 2020

Beat the deadline and make the switch to our new brand

After changing over to the new brand you should find it easier to attract volunteers, be seen and talked about in your local community.

Blogs | 23rd January 2020

Fill the gaps in your winter programme

Plan ahead to make sure your programme’s chock-full of activities and games, whatever the weather.