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Papercraft is an inexpensive way to make beautiful and interesting objects. We featured some papercraft examples in our recent 'Mood foods' video, and have compiled a step by step guide on how to make the bowl of porridge featured in the piece. You can adapt these guidelines to make all sorts of other recipes and objects too - send us photos of your papercrafts via Twitter!

Here are some PDF templates you can use to make your own papercraft porridge.

What you'll need:

  • Print outs of the templates linked above
  • Pencil
  • Coloured card (white, cream, yellow, brown and orange)
  • Scalpel (and cutting mat) or scissors
  • Mountboard, thick card or cardboard (for stacking)
  • Glue or double sided tape



1. Print out the templates on A4 paper, then roughy cut out the individual templates and place them on the coloured card so you can cut your card into the right shapes. Trace them in pencil if you have no way to keep the paper stuck to the card while you're cutting.


2. To make the 'twirly chocolate flakes', simply wind the individual strips of brown card from page 3 of the templates around a pencil. Lightly press down for a few seconds, then slide off.


3. Cut out small pieces of thick card or cardboard; these will be your 'mountboard'. Stick these onto the bottom of the porridge layers from page 2 of the templates using double sided tape (or glue). Be careful not to stick these on areas that will be visible from above.


4. Assemble the object by first placing down the 'bowl's base' - from page 1 of the templates - then sticking 'porridge layer 1' directly on top.


5. Next, stick on the 'porridge layer 2' pieces, then 'porridge layer 3' directly on top of this. These are the templates from page 2.




6. To finish the papercraft model, add the banana slice, Brazil nut squares and chocolate twirls to the top.


And voilà - you've made your own bowl of paper porridge! Now that you know how to make this, what else can you craft from paper and card?

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