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Scout Launch Vehicle

 Enjoying our World Space Week series? Today we’re blasting off with Scouts who have built and launched their own rockets. Here are our picks of the great Scout rocketry projects that take place across the UK.

10th Chippenham (Wednesday) Scout Troop built rockets with the intention of entering the UK Amateur Youth Rocketry Challenge. With a restrictive entry fee of £100, Scout Leader Chris Jones could only enter one team from his Group, so four rockets were built with an intra-troop competition held to find out who would go forward to the finals. The Troop scored a publicity stint when Scout ambassador and breakfast radio show host Chris Evans asked what his listeners were doing that day. Eleven-year-old Scout Chris rang the show to publicise their rocketry challenge. When they were ready to launch their first rocket, at a secret location in Wiltshire, the Scouts again announced the event live on air.

85 Scouts from Dudley District launched a series of water rockets as part of an outreach activity for Spaceboosters, a space enthusiasts’ website that aims to inspire the next generation of space explorers. The launch was a great success, aided by favourable wind conditions, and the rockets landed safely back to earth. Mission complete!

Cubs and Scouts from 3rd Hampton Hill Scout Group took part in another water rocket challenge. They learned about rocket mechanics and design during regular section meetings and then got the chance to put this into practice. The challenge entailed three launches as Scouts attempted to get their rockets to land in scoring zones marked out on the field.

In Essex, Cub Scouts from 3rd Witham (St Nicholas) Cub Pack built and decorated rockets made from paper tubes and nose cones, before launching them using compressed air. Parents and passers-by watched and cheered the launches outside the Pack’s Spring Lodge HQ.

If you'd like to try making your own rocket, check out this great step-by-step guide to building a water rocket.

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