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Information for Parents

Guidance for parents about how your local Group may be approaching their Scouts activities

This page intends to help you as a parent understand how your local Group may be approaching their Scouts activities as we start to emerge from the COVID 19 pandemic. Most Groups have continued to meet, with activities moving between online, face to face activities in smaller Groups, outdoors and then indoors with specific controls in place. Of course this varies depending on location, Group size, individual circumstances and volunteer availability.  

The Government has confirmed that the youth sector is an essential service and therefore Scouts are able to continue to meet in a *COVID-safe way independent of social gathering restrictions where they follow Scouts guidance. We manage this through a traffic light system which provides guidance for volunteers at each stage on what they are allowed to do and how this needs to be managed. 

The safety of volunteers and young people will always remain number one priority and the leaders in your local area will be able to outline how they are managing activities, any requirements which are in place and discuss plans for the coming term with you. Please remember that guidance may be different to what they are doing at school, or other settings. Your leaders will need your help to make sure your child knows what behaviour is expected. 

New to Scouts or considering joining?

Find your local Scout Group by entering your postcode, you can then get in touch to see what approach is being taken to continue young people learning valuable life skills, whether online or blended. You can find out more about what Scouts do.

You can also find volunteering opportunities by entering your postcode in the group finder, for more information visit Volunteer as a parent.

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