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Christchurch Gang Show Diamond Jubilee

2020 is the Diamond Jubilee of Christchurch Scout and Guide Gang Show.

Gang Show 2020 celebrates 60 years of Christchurch Gang Show. Christchurch is proud to be the last remaining gang show in Dorset and one of only 125 in the UK. Traditional material from Ralph Reader is performed alongside exciting musical numbers about the life of a pirate, a very famous nanny and much more. We have songs from The Showman and Barnum as well as numbers showcasing the most popular dances crazes and West End musicals of the past six decades. 

Fri 21 February        7:15pm                     £12 (Under 16s £7.50)
Sat 22 February       2:15pm                     £12 (Under 16s £7.50)
Sat 22 February       7:15pm                     £12 (Under 16s £7.50)

Box Office:               Book Online:

01202 499199  

We do not currently have a website so we are using the Facebook link above instead.