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Working with OSM

The data sharing pilot project

The pilot partnership with OSM

The pilot partnership between The Scouts and OSM was launched in 2020 and almost 20% of sections across the UK have signed up to it on a voluntary basis. If you’re part of the pilot partnership then nothing will change until the details of the new relationship with OSM are designed and launched. If you’re working towards signing up to the pilot partnership then you’re encouraged to continue. Those that’re signed up to the pilot partnership when we transition to a national membership system will find that they have already done some of the work, like mapping their OSM sections to The Scouts’ organisational hierarchy. 

The pilot partnership explored two important areas for Groups that opt-in:

  • The safeguarding team may access specific personal details (name/DOB/contact details) of members in OSM as a last resort if the information cannot be obtained through the usual channels or in the event of an emergency. This is only accessible by the safeguarding team, used to protect children, and their access will be logged within OSM's audit trail for you to see.

  • Gaining important real time insights into Scouting nationally that we can use to improve the support provided for local Scout Groups and increase external funding of Scouting. Authorised staff at The Scouts will be looking at anonymous data in OSM, which is not personally identifiable. This will be general membership data (numbers, ages, postcodes, genders, groups) to report on national trends and not at
    local group level.

Learn more about how the partnership will work.

The benefits of opting-in

How to opt-in

As a data controller yourself, it’s up to you to opt-in to this pilot through OSM. We strongly recommend that Groups consent to this as it’ll allow us to form a permanent partnership with OSM to provide benefits to you and most importantly, to help us keep children safe.

The arrangement from local Scout Groups will be acknowledged within the OSM platform itself with the ability to accept or reject the data sharing. In order to ensure local Scout Groups are fully informed of this proposed arrangement and know what is required to achieve this, we have created the below checklist of activities that should be completed:

OSM Data Sharing Project Webinar

Find out about what we're working on with Online Scout Manager (OSM) by watching the recording of our webinar. 

Watch the webinar


Groups will need to opt-in to being part of the pilot - we hope everyone will consent so that we can move to a more permanent partnership that will allow even more out-the-box functionality to be enabled in OSM to help Scouting at all levels.

Find out more information about Online Scout Manager.

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