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Digital Skills

We're moving into an increasingly digital world. If you can think of a way to complete your Scouting with digital help, this is the place to be. There are a whole host of skills which we have collated knowledge on all ready and waiting for you to explore. We suggest starting with the basics to make sure that you've got them nailed and then start exploring the other pages.


The Basics

These skills are special. They are your foundation skills, transferable to every task you'll do. We recommend starting here and making sure that you've covered the content so that you're well set up to master the rest of the skills.

Discover The Basics

Planning your Programme Digitally

Whether you're a Programme Planning expert, or still becoming awesome, did you know that you could be using digital tools to make your life easier?

Find out more about Planning your Programme Digitally

Planning Events and Activities

Planning Camps and activity days can be made much easier using the digital technology you have around you. Have a look for the skills you need here.

Find out more about Planning Events and Activities

Digital Finance

Everyone carries less cash these days. You'll probably be taking more and more payments online, but keeping records has never been more important.

Find out more about Digital Finance skills

Digital Meetings and Training

Find it difficult to get everyone together in the same room? Sorted. Meet digital.

Find out more about Digital Meetings and Training skills

Data and Documents

Everything needs saving somewhere. Work out what you're doing with your files by exploring this section.

Find out more about Data and Documents

Working Together

Sharing your workload and working with others tends to make things easier, but it's not always achievable to get everyone together. Work in your own time, but sharing what you've done by collaborating digitally.

Find out more about Working Together

Getting the Word Out

We always need to talk to someone. Whether it's sending info to a large pool of parents, or just letting a smaller group of leaders know what they need to, digital is the way to go.

Find out more about Getting the Word Out