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The Duke of Edinburgh Resilience Fund

The DofE Resilience Fund, in partnership with the #iwill Fund, aims to help any young person facing disadvantage to recover from the effects of the pandemic by supporting them to access high quality social action opportunities. Through the DofE Resilience Fund, the DofE will make grants of Bronze and/or Silver participation places to enable young people to take part in the Award.

Timescales of the fund: The fund closes on 31 March 2022, it is recommended to apply before the end of December 2021. The Scouts will send county data to DofE on/around the 20th of every month for processing. Criteria of the fund: Any young person aged 14-24 that meets the criteria of the DofE Resilience Fund, outlined below, is eligible for a DofE Resilience funded participation place.

• Those in Indices of Multiple Deprivation (IMD) areas 1-3 (or country equivalent). Check your IMD status here (this can be where the group is located or the individual):

• Those who have disabilities.

• Those who are in receipt of Pupil Premium or Free School Meals.

• Those who are on an Alternative Curriculum pathway.

• SEND group, centre, or organisation

• Those whose well-being has been most impacted by the Covid19 restrictions and associated economic downturn, and those at an increased risk of dropping out of school or becoming NEET as a result.

Addtional funding requirements: as well as information on participation places used, we will also require you to share what social action young people who receive funded places have taken - further information on this will be shared in due course.

To apply, contact your County DofE Adviser and let them know how many places you'd like. Please bear in mind that we need to make sure places are used once allocated so do have enrolment forms completed when applying.

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Scouts' National Duke of Edinburgh's SASU delivers training to members within Scouting. Training Courses are currently being delivered online free of charge so sign up while you can.

Courses are extremely popular and places limited so sign up to the waiting lists to get notifications of new courses.

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How can we do DofE in 2021/22

Leaders can introduce and deliver most of DofE online and it’s a great way to re-engage with young people. Participants generally complete lots of their awards outside of sessions anyway. The DofE have adapted their programme to ensure the flexibility for people to complete this during the pandemic, including alternative expedition options and a new certificate of achievement award. Full details, including lots of ideas, can be found online at

There are also lots of activity session ideas on our activity finder that can be adapted for online delivery and on the DofE website too. If you need support with this, please let us know.

Leading and participating in the DofE during the pandemic >