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Chairing online meetings – hints and tips

We are all having to find new ways of working at the moment and inevitably our meetings are going to be a bit different too, although, it’s still important that they're still structured, and any decisions are well made.

There are many online meeting platforms available, including Zoom (every County/Area/Region, District and Group can claim a free account, find out more here), Teams and Skype. Each will have its own particular functions (some you may need to pay for as an upgrade). You'll need to spend some time to understand the particular functions on the platform you are using.

The following notes have been adapted with thanks from a document produced by Danny Curtin, Chair of Association of Chairs.


Normally we arrive at a face-to-face meeting greeted with chat and laughter, people catching up and sharing the news of the highs and lows of life. New faces are introduced and made to feel welcome. The meeting starts well with a purposeful agenda and good papers. Everyone can participate with creativity, challenge, and appropriate humour, arriving at the important decisions that need to be made.

At the end, the overwhelming feedback is gratitude for the meeting, which was hopefully well run and excelling in a sense of achievement. All this is also possible online with the right ingredients of preparation, creativity, attentiveness, and a fair bit of courage. Below are a few hints and tricks to make sure, you're meetings are met with the same effectiveness online, as if you were meeting face-to-face.