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eLearning certificate download for an Apple/Safari device

Congratulations on completing an eLearning training module!

This help guide is designed to provide information and tips on how to download your certificate and email it to your Training Adviser, Training Manager, line manager or to the national training pool (at

Downloading to a mobile phone
Apple device

Once you pass the assessment, scoring 100% you will be presented with the below screen to enter your name into the box. This is enable your name to appear on the certificate.

elearning congratulations frame

When you press ‘Download your certificate’ this screen will appear and you will need to press ‘Download’ again.

a screenshot of do you want to download the learning pdf

You then need to press the symbol in the top right of the screen to view the download. Press on the file.

a screenshot showing download your certificate

That will open the certificate as a file. You now have options, you could take a screen shot of the certificate and save it to your photo library or you could press the symbol in the bottom left of the screen to open up even more options.

mandatory ongoing safeguarding elearning screenshot

You’ll then see options similar to the below, so from here you could email a copy to your Training Adviser, Training Manager, line manager or the national pool or print it out for example.

icon screenshot