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More ways to take part in Race Round The World

You don’t have to physically complete your miles – have a look at other fun activities you could try.

You can take part however you like and wherever you are

You could create a mile of bunting to stretch around the garden, or run around the park, or build a canoe out of cushions and row all the way there (from the comfort of your living room)!

But you don’t have to physically complete your miles – you could try one of these fun activities:

Hello round the world

Learn 10 different ways to say hello to Scouts you could meet around the world. Why not try to include one from every continent? Learn 10 ways to say hello and you’ll have completed one mile for your team.

Tomorrow's travels

Design a mode of transport for the future – maybe you’ll come up with an eco-friendly way to zoom across continents or a super-speedy way to travel to the stars. Make sure you label your invention with all of its new features and why they’re important. Once you’ve finished, you could share it on social media or send a photo to your group to show off your creation – and you’ll have done three miles for your team.

Brilliant bunting

Draw 10 countries’ flags and then fix these to some string (or a strip of paper) to create your own brilliant bunting. This is a great way to get creative, show off your international knowledge, and finish a whopping five miles for your team.

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#RaceRoundTheWorld activities

We’ve pulled together activities for each section, with brand new (socially distanced/online) ideas sourced from our global Scouts family, and loads of accessible ideas.

These activities will help you go on a truly international journey while staying right here in the UK. And, to top it all off, they count towards your International Activity Badge, too!

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