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How to apply for funding from Race Round the World

The appeal is in aid of the 500+ groups hit hardest by the COVID-19 crisis. 

Process to distribute funds to the 500 groups

At the end of the Race Round the World campaign (after 11 December) we’ll explain how Scout Groups can apply for a grant to support the group. 

We’ll aim to process these grants as swiftly as we can to make sure the funds are distributed to the groups that need it most before the end of March 2021.

As part of the application process for the grant, we’ll let you know all about the eligibility criteria and explain what the funds are able to be used for

Every penny we raise matters. Here are some examples of how your miles and money could really make a difference: 

  • £20 could pay a month's membership fees for one young person to join Scouts and experience fun, adventure and gain skills for life
  • £60 a month could pay rent on a hired venue allowing a section to meet indoors, and giving 60 young people the chance to experience fun and adventure while gaining skills for life.
  • £120 could pay for a whole year of adventure for one young person – that’s 365 days spent developing skills for life!
  • £160 per month could allow a Scout Group to buy equipment to deliver fantastic hands-on activities to a whole group of young people. That’s 60 young people all gaining skills for life.


Groups, Explorer and Network Units will be able to keep 20% of the funds they raise

We’re also giving groups/units the opportunity to keep 20% of the money they raise through this campaign, as we know many other groups and units are struggling, too. 

These groups may not be in immediate danger of closing. But they might still be in need of a helping hand, having been unable to host any of their typical fundraising events throughout the year.  This is optional, and we’ll be sharing details on how Group Scout Leaders/District Commissioners/Chairs can claim the money raised – for the group/unit to use –at the end of the campaign (after 11 December). 

To make sure the 20% of funds go to the right place, we’re asking everyone who registers and creates a fundraising page to tell us if they’d like to allocate 20% of the money they raise to a specific group/unit. All they need to do is to put the full name of the group/unit into their registration form when they sign up, taking extra special care to spell it correctly!

We’re encouraging all groups/units who’re interested in claiming the 20% return to let parents/carers know about it before they sign up. To make things easier, we’ve put together a customisable letter, which you can share with them directly.