By 2023: 

  • we will have reviewed our uniform starting with the Explorer Scout uniform 


For many, the Scout uniform is a key representation of Scouting’s brand. Even more so than a logo or set of colours, the uniform is a visual shorthand for who we are and what we do. If our uniform is highly traditional, a logical step is for the public to assume that Scouting is also highly traditional. If it is contemporary, relevant, flexible and adaptable, the public are likely to make the same assumptions about our movement. 

We are reviewing our uniform in this light to ensure it still meets the needs of our members and projects the right image of Scouting while remaining practical and relevant in society today. 


From its earliest days, Scouting has been a uniformed youth movement. Broadly speaking, the uniform has served a specific purpose, which is to: 

  • emphasise a sense of pride, belonging and identity 
  • provide recognition for Scouts amongst the public (it constitutes part of our brand) 
  • provide a common uniform for young people of all backgrounds, promoting equality and inclusivity 
  • provide a place for young people to display badges, awards and youth leadership roles 
  • provide a practical, durable garment for weekly Scouting activities. 


This initiative is in the planning phase. 

A Uniform Advisory Group has been established. The Group will work to ensure that the proposed uniform serves the same purpose as the existing one. 

Next steps for volunteers 

  • There are currently no actions for volunteers