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Supporting a return to face-to-face Scouting

Scouting all over the world has been impacted by the challenges of COVID-19. We’ve set up a working group to monitor the situation and provide guidance about what changes in government guidelines mean for UK members, both in the UK and abroad.

Our focus

  • We’re keeping our readiness levels page updated to help members know what can and can’t be done in their nation or jurisdiction.
  • We’ve set up a five-step process to guide leaders through all of the information needed to get your section back together safely.
  • We’ve also shared details for parents, young people and the public as we know that everyone’s greatest concern is to keep everybody safe.
  • We gather feedback from members continuously to improve or add to guidance when needed. This includes a new page outlining the changes so members can easily understand what’s new. By responding to the changes in restrictions, we’re supporting members with making informed decisions about their activities.
  • We’ve also been working with programme specialists to help shape the support provided to members, making sure that the content’s targeted to overcome the challenges we know our volunteers and young people are facing.

What’s next?

We’ll continue to monitor government guidance, updating our readiness levels page when there’s a change. We’ll make sure that our safety guidance is updated to reflect any change in restrictions and we’ll also continue to provide programme resources for the different readiness levels.

Volunteer actions

Make sure you only do the activities permitted at your readiness level, follow the guidance for keeping your members safe and have risk assessments in place for all you do – making sure they’re approved before you restart activities face-to-face.