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Securing public support to create greater impact

Public perception and support for Scouts remains strong. YouGov polling of 2,000 UK adults conducted between 5–7 June 2020 showed increases in trust, relevance and perception of our openness to all. Trust has risen to 73% (from 72% in 2019), our relevance to society today is up to 61% (from 59% in 2019) and the perception that Scouts is open to all is up to 80% (from 77% in 2019).

84% of the public also believes that we provide young people with skills useful in later life (up from 83% in 2019) and public understanding that we welcome all genders is up to 74% – the highest it’s been ever been. Three quarters of the public are now aware that we‘re a mixed movement.  

Our focus

We’ve seen highly favourable media coverage around our campaigns, including #TheGreatIndoors, #HikeToTheMoon and #RaceRoundTheWorld, as well as other big moments, such as the announcement of HRH The Duchess of Cambridge as our Joint President in Autumn 2020.

With the generous support of our members and donors, our campaigns raised over £1 million pounds to support communities and Scout groups in need during 2020 and 2021. 

Our social media strategy of reaching out to those outside the movement, along with the inspiring work of our Scout Ambassadors, is also proving effective in creating positive public perception and support.  

What’s next

We’ll continue to drive a positive perception by working with our ambassadors, members, and the media to champion the incredible impact we have on young people, families, local communities and wider society. We plan to step up our support for volunteer recruitment, while thanking current volunteers for their kindness and commitment.

Volunteer actions