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Bringing Squirrels NI and Scouts together

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Find out about the next steps for the legal transfer, including key actions for you to take. We also discussed some of the practicalities about delivering Squirrels as part of Scouts from September.

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In Summer 2020, The Scout Association’s national Trustee Board approved Scouts for four and five year olds – a historic moment that couldn’t have happened without the pioneering work of Squirrels in Northern Ireland over the last twenty-plus years.

Existing Squirrel Dreys will be welcomed into The Scout Association by September 2021. This means Dreys can get full access to a range of member resources, aim to simplify charity administration and continue to share knowledge.

To bring Dreys, as independent charities, into the federated structure of The Scout Association we will need to do this in a way that:

  • ensures existing Squirrel volunteers have their long service recorded and recognised;
  • allows Scout Groups and The Scout Association to reduce the administrative burden on Squirrel Drey volunteers; and
  • protects trustees of Squirrel Dreys, Scout Groups, the Northern Ireland Squirrel Association and The Scout Association particularly regarding any potential for legal challenge related to historical incidents, assets and liabilities.

This means that we’ll need to undertake formal mergers between local Dreys and Groups, and the Northern Ireland Squirrel Association and The Scout Association.

Squirrel Dreys and Scout Groups are charities in their own right so trustees will need to make the decision to merge. Both the Northern Ireland Squirrel Association and The Scout Association are investing in legal advice and providing guidance to support.

Drey progress with the merger process

Take a look in the form below to see where you are on the journey to being officially part of The Scouts Association. You can see the steps you need to take next and understand what other Dreys are up to as well.