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Rhiannon Wells

Member of the Safety Committee

Elected Member 2019

Rhiannon joined her local Scout group aged 12, with no idea what to expect. Since then, she’s had a wealth of new experiences – completing her Explorer Belt, attending her first World Scout Jamboree in America, and being appointed as the first ever Youth Commissioner of Northern Ireland. In that role, Rhiannon works to make sure Scouts is open to all, that we remain shaped by our values and that we work in partnership with our young people.

In her professional life, Rhiannon is currently studying Medicine at Queen’s University in Belfast and is taking a year out to complete a Masters in Global Health.

She has particularly enjoyed engaging with the strategy side of what we do at Scouts, working closely with us as we form and implement policy.

Her stated aim is help develop the movement to best serve the needs of young people and communities across the UK.

Rhiannon Wells smiling at the camera while wearing a navy Scouts polo shirt and stripy scarf