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Michael Wood-Williams

Member of the Finance Committee

Elected Member 2019

Recognising first-hand how our movement can change lives, Michael has a deep-rooted understanding of how Scouts works locally. Father of to two daughters in Scouts, he previously held the role of District Commissioner and currently leads up Northumberland as County Commissioner, where he has overseen a notable rise in membership.

In his professional life, Michael is an entrepreneurial corporate finance solicitor, responsible for the management of full-service legal teams.

Michael had a difficult start at school and believes his early experiences as a Cub and Scout gave him the confidence to move overseas and step up to a successful ten-year career working as professional skier, climber and guide in the Austrian Alps.

Living as an immigrant, he gained a strong understanding of the value of simple human kindness and its importance in wider society and subsequently trained as a lawyer - citing the skills he gained through Scouts for enabling his career to progress rapidly. He is passionate about ensuring the right support is in place for leaders to deliver #SkillsForLife across society.

Michael Wood-Williams smiling at the camera while wearing a navy Scouts polo shirt and stripy scarf