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Online exhibitions

Online exhibitions

The early days of Scouting

  • Vera Barclay: A Scouting Pioneer
  • Brownsea Island: Trialling Scouting, 1 – 8 August 1907
  • Scouting for Girls
  • The Patter of Little Paws – the origins of the Wolf Cubs
  • Which was the first Scout troop?
  • The story behind the Scout emblem: fleur-de-lis or arrowhead?
  • Scouting in the First World War
The early days of Scouting

Scouting in the First World War

  • Scouting on the Home Front 1914 – 1918
  • Roland Philipps: A Lasting Legacy 
  • Jack Cornwell: A True Scout 
Scouting in the First World War

Scouting during the Second World War

During the Second World War Scouting carried on both at home and abroad.  Scouts on the Home Front used their skills to support their communities, Scout Leaders volunteered to support refugees and displaced people and in prisoner of war camps across the world Scouts secretly carried on Scouting risking punishment in order to keep their connection with the Movement going.

Gilwell Park

  • Gilwell Park 1407-1919
  • Gilwell Park 1919-2019
  • The Gilwell Oak: Exploring our roots
  • History of the Wood Badge
The history of Gilwell Park

Scouting Personalities

Scouting owes so much to those who have dedicated their time to its values and ethos. These exhibitions explore the stories of these amazing people.

Scouting Personalities

Scouting Innovations

We've always strived to be innovative and reflect the needs of the young people it serves. Whether this has been through the development of new sections, changing the programme or reaching out to new groups Scouting has always evolved to stay relevant.

Scouting Innovations

Scouting International

There are over 40million Scouts around the world.  This international family is one of the things which makes Scouting so special.  There are many stories of how the worldwide family of Scouting have come together to celebrate at Jamborees, share skills through training and in times of crisis help each other and those around us.  These online exhibitions help tell some of these stories.

Scouting helps displaced people – UK Scouting has a long history of supporting refugees and displaced people dating back to the earliest days of the Movement and continuing to this day.